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My goal has been to present thoughts on topics relevant to my family, to our clients, to the beneficiaries of our clients as well as to high net worth and ultra high net worth investors.

My previous 96 blog titles are listed below. Though each post is still viewable, the older pages may be difficult to navigate. If you would prefer, let me know in your reply Email, and I will send you a copy of any previous blog post(s) you would like to read.

  • #96--The Declaration of Independence and Your Investments

  • #95--Is Breaking Even Equal to Breaking Up?

  • #94--Unpredictability and My Grandfather

  • #93--Too Much Focus on Short Term Imponderables, Not Enough on Long Term Challenges and Opportunities

  • #92--The Buyers’ Strike May Continue; Was Friday a Clue?

  • #91--On Memorial Day, and the Future Leaders of the Investment Community

  • #90--Unintended Consequences: Investors Again Lose to the Politicians

  • #89--The Fork in the Road to Your Investment Policies

  • #88--Why Didn’t We Buy? Did the Game Change?

  • #87--Answers from Warren and Charlie - Omaha Highlights

  • #86--Why Some Individual Investors Produce Better Results than Investment Committees

  • #85--Too Much Reliance on FICC Can Be Dangerous

  • #84--“The People” vs. the Economies and the Markets

  • #83--Leadership Companies Are Not Always Leadership Stocks

  • #82--Are We at a Turning Point or at a Vantage Point?

  • #81--Twenty, Forty, Sixty: We are Going Global

  • #80--A Rainy Weekend or a Prerequisite to a Future Bloom?

  • #79--“End Game” Training for You and Your Heirs

  • #78--When Warren Buffett Speaks About Investing, the Wealthy Should Listen

  • #77--Connecting the Dots and Fears Are they Already in The Price?

  • #76--Valentine’s Day Challenges for Ultra High Net Worth Investors

  • #75--“Stop the World, I Want to Get Off,” I Don’t Want to be Global

  • #74--The Price of Lack of Clarity on Your Investments

  • #73--The Super Bowl and Fund Selection II

  • #72--Enjoy a Laugh on My 10 Year Investment Plan

  • #71--Investment Policies for Investment Personalities

  • #70--The “Fifth Season” for Investors

  • #69--Boxing Day and Bond Funds

  • #68--More Positives than Negatives Ahead

  • #67--Will it be Safer to Go Back Into the Water After the Financial Services Legislation?

  • #66--W

  • #65--The Good and the Bad about “Black Friday”

  • #64--Changes to Risk Compensation and “Best Practices” Are They Barn Door Closers?

  • #63--Post Mortem 2007-8 and Pre Mortem 201X

  • #62--Winning Calls

  • #61--Random Thoughts on November 1st

  • #60--When Experience is not the Best Teacher

  • #59--Are We Selling the US Too Short?

  • #58--On Building Effective Investment Committees

  • #57--Old Money vs. New Money Mistakes

  • #56--Seven Steps For Giving to Charities

  • #55--Wrong-Headline Risk

  • #54--Who are Better Equipped to Make Decisions?

  • #53--Searching for Innovations

  • #52--Are We Gambling Too Much and Speculating Too Little?

  • #51--Possible Implications of Statistical Traps

  • #50--Setting Investment Goals Properly Through the Use of Science and Art

  • #49--The Art Form of Selection for a Portfolio of Funds

  • #48--I have met the enemy which has trained us.

  • #47--Learn from London and Paris But Invest Creatively Elsewhere

  • #46--Modified Behavior = Intervention vs. Newton

  • #45--Can We be Independent?

  • #44--The Temptation to Go Short

  • #43--The Aging of the Uncertainty Principle

  • #42--The Scots May Understand the Current Rally

  • #41--Investment Lessons from the Belmont Stakes

  • #40--Is the Tipping Point Cyclical, Secular or Both?
    How does this Influence the place of Real Estate in the Wealth Portfolio?

  • #39--Anticipating Unintended Consequences or The Impact of MPG Efficiency on Inflation and Taxation

  • #38--Supply and Demand for Homes is Different from Securities

  • #37--Does Wealth Equal Freedom or Independence?

  • #36--Could the “Stress Test” be a Big Trap?

  • #35--Schooling vs. Education Charity Auctions vs. TARP and PPIP

  • #34--Should We Appreciate Bonds? Part II

  • #33--Relations and Correlations

  • #32--Shrinking Discipline and Its Consequences

  • #31--Should We Appreciate Bonds?

  • #30--The Land of Re, Revisited

  • #29--In the Land of Re

  • #28--What We Can Learn from Mutual Funds

  • #27--Lessons to all Investors from Warren Buffett’s Letter

  • #26--Washington & the Necessary, But Insufficient, Signs of a Market Bottom

  • #25--For the Greater Good: Frugality vs. Stimulus, T.A.R.P. and Foreclosure Relief

  • #24--Financial Community Restructures

  • #23--The Next Big One - FX

  • #22--Searching for the Comfort of Cycles

  • #21--Are There Big Traps in the Credits and Foreign Exchange Markets?

  • #20--Did Fixed Income Confusion Create Madoff Victims?

  • #19--Similarities in Picking the SUPER BOWL Winner and Fund Selection

  • #18--General Misperceptions of “The Madoff Affair”

  • #17--Correlations: Useful, Labels: Misleading.

  • #16--Round Peg in Square Hole Produces Splinters

  • #15--Four Aspects of a Four-Letter Word

  • #14--An Attitude of Gratitude

  • #13--Will 401(k) Miracle Help All Investors?

  • #12--Reserve the Reserves

  • #11--Augmented Unemployment Report Leads to Augmented Balance Sheets

  • #10--Ultra High Net Worth Grantors & Charities: Plans “B”, “C” and “D”

  • #9--Joe the Plumber and his Personal Financials

  • #8--Turning Points Provide Hope for Everyone's Wealth

  • #7--Fear is a Four Letter Word

  • #6--Brilliance, Guilty and Bounce Back

  • #5--Expect Unintended Consequences From This Weekend

  • #4--Keep Your View Long Term

  • #3--The Need for Speculators

  • #2--Thursdays Down, Fridays Up

  • #1--The Alphabet Bottom

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